Day 6: Hail the Winter Days After Dark

As you all know, I have a lot of ambitious goals for this year, but one of the more important ones is raising money for Girls on the Run as part of my entry into the National Half Marathon. There are a lot of important causes out there that I could have run for: breast cancer, leukemia, diabetes, the list goes on and on. I decided on Girls on the Run because in this age of screen addiction (computers, tv, video games), I think it’s so important to get kids active and outside. Especially for girls, the pre-teen years can be a tough time because everything around you and about you is changing. Playing sports is a great way for girls or anyone to improve self-esteem and activity, but sports isn’t necessarily right for everyone. Running is awesome, because you don’t need special equipment or special skills — you can just put on a pair of sneakers and go. I just found this newspaper article about a Girls on the Run chapter in Louisiana, and I think it perfectly encapsulates why this cause is worthy. Check it out! And if you feel inspired, please feel free to donate to my fundraising page. 🙂

Daily Achievement
In the spirit of self-esteem, I felt pretty good about my run this morning. It was a lot better than my experience two days ago. I still only did 2 miles, but I actually slowed down my pace a bit. I still finished with the same time, because I didn’t have to take as many walking breaks, and I didn’t feel like death afterwards! Slowing down my pace is tough for me, because a big part of it is ego. I think I should be able to go at 6mph (10-minute miles), so I’m reluctant to go slower. And I’m green with envy when I see people that can run 3 miles in 21 minutes. But going slower really does make a difference, so I guess I just have to adjust my mindset.

Song of the Day
The Decemberists – January Hymn. I was randomly listening to NPR’s online radio station today, NPR All Songs 24/7, and they were playing the entire Decemberists album. This song stood out to me in particular… it’s a nice soulful, wistful track for a cold January day.


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