Why “The Slow Cooker”?
You’re probably thinking of a “slow cooker”, also known as a crockpot. I do love my crockpot, and it will probably show up frequently on this blog. However, this title has a deeper meaning for me. I’m a fairly slow runner, and I’m a REALLY slow chef (Rachael Ray’s 30-minute meals take me more like an hour to prepare since my knife skills are atrocious and I can’t multi-task). Hopefully as the year goes by, I’ll gain speed on the running trail and in the kitchen. But I’ll always love my crockpot.

About Me
I live in Northern Virginia with my husband and two fat cats. I love Thai food, my mom’s chocolate peanut butter bars, and anything from Trader Joe’s. I hate broccoli. I am a world-class flipcup champion.