Chroncling my attempts to cook something from scratch and/or go for a run every day in 2011. I’m motivated by training for the National Half Marathon, improving my cooking skills (and not being so dependent on frozen meals), eating more veggies, and awesome music all along the way.

Why “The Slow Cooker”?
You’re probably thinking of a “slow cooker”, also known as a crockpot. I do love my crockpot, and it will probably show up frequently on this blog. However, this title has a deeper meaning for me. I’m a fairly slow runner (averaging about 10-11 minutes a mile), and I’m a REALLY slow chef (Rachael Ray’s 30-minute meals take me more like an hour to prepare since my knife skills are atrocious and I can’t multi-task). Hopefully as the year goes by, I’ll gain speed on the running trail and in the kitchen. But I’ll always love my crockpot.

About Me
I live in northern VA with my boyfriend and 2 cats. I work with websites, emails, and social media (including blogs!) on a daily basis. My main source of exercise is playing kickball. I love Thai food, my mom’s chocolate peanut butter bars, and anything from Trader Joe’s. I hate broccoli, sauerkraut, and shellfish. I am a world-class flipcup champion (seriously.)

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