Day 10: I’d be Sad and Blue if Not for You

Brr, it’s really cold in DC today. I’m hoping for snow tomorrow since it’s just not winter to me without a blanket of snow. Since it’s so cold and wintery today, I thought it was only appropriate to make a delicious, icy smoothie for breakfast. Okay, maybe not the best weather for it, but I really do love smoothies in the morning. They’re really quick, and I can drink them in the car on my way to work. I use the Magic Bullet to make my smoothies. I know it seems cheesy and “seen on tv,”, but I honestly love the Bullet. It’s easy to make one serving at a time and I can throw the cup into the dishwasher afterwards instead of having to deal with washing out an entire blender. Plus, some of the cups have handles!

Daily Achievement

For this smoothie, I threw in the following ingredients: soy milk (regular milk is fine too, I just happened to have this instead); Greek yogurt (richer and creamier than regular yogurt); protein powder (I have to make sure to mix this up really well w/ the milk before blending; otherwise, the powder is a gross texture); frozen berries (I had a mix of blueberries and raspberries on hand); baby spinach; agave honey (for sweetening). The inclusion of the spinach may sound weird, but I promise you can’t taste the spinach once it’s been blended, and it’s an easy way to get a serving of veggies. It does turn the smoothie an ugly color, though (as shown in the picture above). Next time, I’ll probably add some peanut butter or almond butter for a kick of fat, because the smoothie didn’t really keep me satisfied as long as I would have liked.

Song of the Day
George Harrison – If Not For You (Live at Bobfest). My dad sent me this clip today, and I thought it was cool! It’s George Harrison performing at a 30th anniversary celebration of Bob Dylan’s music in 1992. His purple jacket is kind of insane, but check out all the talent he has performing behind him, including some of the band members from The Blues Brothers. George may not have gotten as much attention/credit as John and Paul did, but he was definitely a great talent in his own right and a lot of his solo stuff is worth a checkout.


Day 7: Let the Rhythm Move You

Many thanks to Cutter and Dan for being the first donors to my fundraising campaign!! I’ll be bringing some awesome baked goods to kickball next week for these guys. It’s been a long week around here in Slow Cooker Country… so glad it’s the weekend. Tonight was the first night I didn’t cook dinner all week — I had Thai food, and it was delicious. I still cooked a meal from scratch today, though!

Daily Achievement
To change things up a bit, I’m featuring a breakfast. I’ve been making my own breakfasts all week, but they haven’t really been worth talking about. Monday’s frittata was a disaster (I forgot to put the ricotta in so it wasn’t fluffy at all), and Wednesday’s scrambled eggs were kind of gross because I didn’t cook the mushrooms long enough. Eggs are hard, you guys. Maybe I should just stick to hard boiling them. This morning’s egg dish was awesome, though.

One of my favorite meals is the turkey bacon and egg white sandwich from Starbucks, so I decided to make a modified version. In a small tupperware container, I stirred up two eggs, some Lawry’s seasoned salt, and shredded cheese, and then microwaved the whole shebang. Microwaving eggs may sound odd, but it works really well for egg sandwiches. The eggs turn into a omelet, and if you use a round tupperware container, they’re the perfect size and shape to put on top of an English muffin. I’ve also done a version where I add chopped veggies to the egg mixture and eat it alone as a mini omelet. So I had a toasted English muffin, the eggs, and a slice of deli turkey. Super tasty, and even quicker than going to Starbucks.

Song of the Day
C + C Dance Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now). This weekend, my kickball league is having their kickoff party, and the theme is the 90s, so I’ll be featuring 90s songs all weekend. I didn’t really get into current music until the late 90s when I started watching MTV and listening to the radio, but since those days, I’ve listened to a lot of early 90s hits, and there’s some good stuff there. This song in particular is one of my favorites… how can anyone sit still while listening to it?