Day 3: Now You Want My Soul

Today was definitely a resounding success for the meal plan. I actually ate breakfast for once, made my coworkers jealous of my leftover pork chop for lunch, and then cooked a pretty awesome dinner for myself.

Daily Achievement
For dinner, I made Sausage, Kale and Lentils. This is a meal Jillian Michaels supposedly created for (I’m so sure she had time to sit down and write out a bunch of recipes in between advertising weight loss pills and making people cry). Kale and lentils are both new to me. I wasn’t even totally sure what kale looked like. When I went to the grocery store, all the lettuces/leafy greens were in one section, but they weren’t labeled very well. I actually had to look kale up on my phone in the store to make sure I was getting the right thing, instead of something like red cabbage (ew) or collard greens (double ew).

I was pleasantly surprised by this meal! It was really easy (just sauteeing everything together in a pan and I managed not to smoke out the kitchen this time), and the flavors were really good. The kale had a nice sort of crunchy texture with a slightly peppery taste. I’m typically not a big fan of the cruciferous greens, but I would actually eat kale again. I think the red pepper flakes and olive oil I cooked it in helped, though! And the lentils and turkey sausage went really well with it. It was a pretty big, filling meal that honestly didn’t take me more than 10 minutes to do (ok, 20 if you count the time it took me to chop up the sausage and kale).

I did cheat in one area, though. I picked up a bag of dried lentils on my grocery store trip, and then realized I don’t know how to prepare the lentils. I didn’t really want to fiddle w/ 2-4 hours of soaking them, so I stopped at Trader Joe’s on my way home from work and grabbed their pre-cooked lentils. Maybe I’ll graduate to preparing my own lentils next time I make this dish?

Verdict: Jillian (or her recipe ghostwriter) knows her stuff. You win this round, Michaels, but I still think the fact you hawk diet pills is lame.

Song of the Day
The Bird and the Bee – I Can’t Go For That. I don’t even remember how I discovered this song… I think it might have been through Pandora. I’d never heard of the Bird and the Bee, and I’m not sure why they decided to do an album of nothing but Hall and Oates covers, but this song wormed its way into my heart. It’s an awesome electro-pop cover of the original. You won’t even miss John Oates’ crazy mustache.